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Having your KiwiSaver in the best portfolio for your circumstances can make a big difference over time

Meet Sam, Age: 35

Employed full time earning $65,000 per annum

With an initial KiwiSaver balance of $25,000

Contributing 4%

Conservative fund


Lump sum at age 65

Balanced fund


Lump sum at age 65

Growth fund


Lump sum at age 65

High Growth fund


Lump sum at age 65

Note: We’ve calculated these results based on set information entered by us, and some industry-standard investment return, inflation and salary increase assumptions as set by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). Our calculator is intended as a guide only and only relates to your KiwiSaver account. For more information, please see our Calculator Assumptions.

If you have any questions or would like personalised advice about your KiwiSaver account simply contact us, we are happy to help

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