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Calculator Assumptions

Industry-standard forecast rates of return (after fees and tax at 28%) as set by the FMA, across four main fund types:


                Fund type                                 Annual return

             Conservative                                       2.5%

             Balanced                                             3.5%

             Growth                                                 4.5%

             High Growth                                        5.5%

  • No savings suspension or withdrawals take place

  • If you’re employed, we’ve assumed an annual salary increase of 3.5% and a 3% employer contribution

  • We have not included projections for self employed (or not working)

  • Your annual government contribution entitlement amount is received each year, up to a maximum of $521.43. This figure is not adjusted for inflation

  • Fees, tax rates and government contributions are assumed to continue unchanged until you reach age 65

  • All projected (at age 65) balances are in today’s dollar terms (by adjusting for the impact of inflation at 2% per annum)

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