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First home buyers


Committed to getting you on the property ladder with firsthomeMastery

We’re the ones that created firsthomeMastery, the easy to understand program designed with the novice home buyer in mind. The program itself has a time-honoured record of success and allows you to progress at your own pace, all with the assistance of your own expert financial advisor. 

After an initial consultation, we will tell you exactly how close you are to becoming a home-owner and what we need to do together to get your there.

First Home Buyers: About


Since 2015 we have been putting first home buyers into their very own homes. Our refined process eliminates the common mistakes made by novices and allows them to be actively involved each step of the way.  

Most of our clients never realised how easy it was and said the hardest part was actually taking the first step to find out if they qualified.  Maybe you’ve said to yourself that you could never own your own home, or maybe there’s something else holding you back.  We invite you to talk to us today; we stake our reputation on it.

First Home Buyers: About Me
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